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All gates are JPMA certified & adhere to guidelines as set forth by the JPMA & the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
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Sliding Door Baby Safety Gate

Sliding glass door baby safety gate

On Back Order Until August 25, 2014.

The Sliding glass door baby safety gate is the ONLY safety gate of its kind on the market today. The Lock-N-Block Sliding Door Gate allows you to leave your sliding door to your deck or porch open on those beautiful summer days without the worry of your baby pushing through the screen and getting hurt. The Screen Manufactures Association (SMA) specifically state that screens are not designed to keep children from falling out. The Sliding Glass Door Baby Gate locks in place and easily swings open allow you to pass through but baffles even the cleverest of babies. The (CPSC) Consumer Products Safety Council recommends an added layer of protection for sliding doors and this is it. 


• Patent Pending! Only sliding glass door gate available on the market today!

• Securely clamps onto the functional panel of a sliding panel door

• Helps reduce the risk of injury to your infant, as well as damage to your sliding screen door

• Safety gate swings open in both directions, allowing easy entering and existing

• Gives visibility to sliding doors so child does not run into the sliding door

• Along with parent supervision, parents can feel comfortable leaving the sliding door open allowing the fresh air to circulate

• Can also be used as a pet gate

Gate Dimensions

Gate width 24"

Height 30 ½"

Bar Spacing 1 7/8th"

Fits all standard sliding doors 1" and 1½" thick

**NOTE: Hardware is GRAY, not black as shown in some photos.**

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