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All gates are JPMA certified & adhere to guidelines as set forth by the JPMA & the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
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Expandable Metal Fireplace Safety Gate

Gate Dimensions:

  • Width: Up to 144" (12 feet) - Limitless length with  extensions
  • Height: 30"
  • 24" Door section

Baby Gate Features:
  • 6-panel Fireplace Safety Gate encloses 10 sq.ft. 
  • Extra-tall 30" (76 cm) high. 
  • Fireplace Safety Gate can be used as an extra-wide barrier around fireplace, steps, etc. with included wall mounts
  • Standard Six-panel unit is 144” (12 Feet) wide
  • Each panel is 24" (61 cm) wide.
  • Free standing or hardware mounted.
  • Includes one gate panel with childproof double locking door system.
  • Self-closing hold-open gate door.
  • Metal Fireplace Safety Gate sits on carpet, tile, hardwood floors, etc. Rubber pads prevent scratching.
  • Easy to set up, take down and store.
  • Increase your 6-panel Fireplace Safety Gate to 8 panels with 2-panel extension kit (available separately).
  • Unlimited panels may be used.

The metal fireplace safety gate is great for keeping your little one at a safe distance from the fireplace, wood stove or any area you want to keep safe. the six, 24" panels can be angled to an create 12 feet of baby safety gate in the configuration you need. Included are rubber foot pads to prevent slipping and scratching allowing you to safely set the gate up on rug or hardwood floor. One of the panels is the swinging baby gates door with a double locking safety door that is easy to an adult to use but will baffle the cleverest of toddlers. The door is auto closing . Use your metal fireplace safety gate around the fireplace, wood stove, stairway, Christmas tree or anywhere you need to keep your little one safe from. The fireplace gate quickly and easily folds up accordion style for storage or transport. the fireplace safety gate is extra tall at 30". The gate can be set up free standing or attach it to the wall with the included wall mounts. It may even be attached in a loop to create a playpen area or surround something like the Christmas tree. Extra panels are available it sets of 2 ,2 foot extensions (4 feet each). Extend the length to anything you may need with unlimited panels. 
The Adjustable Metal Fireplace Safety Gate is an easy to use, safe, functional and extremely study safety gate to protect your child from the dangers of hot stove and fires.

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Adjustable Metal Fireplace safety Gate

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